Voter mobilization campaign in Uganda


Ahead of Uganda's 2011 general elections, Media Focus on Africa implemented a national media campaign to sensitise and mobilise voters across the country. MFA worked in close collaboration with the Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda – (CCEDU) a coalition with more then 500 civil society organizations under its umbrella.

The goal of the campaign was to mobilize all Ugandan citizens of voting age to participate massively in the forthcoming electoral process and empower them to make informed choices. The project covered two phases of the electoral cycle –Voter Registration and Voter display period. In the voter registration phase; voters were encouraged to go and register to be able to vote next to that the aim was to sell CCEDU and its mandate. In the voter display phase – People were encouraged to confirm that they are correctly registered and in the right polling station. It aimed to encourage Ugandans to help in the clean-up of their national voter register and be vigilant to ensure that no ghost voters are left on the register.

Project activities 

Voter mobilization campaign

For the voter mobilization campaign (Uganda) a wide range of radio formats were produced; such as adverts to educate about the concerns, mini-soaps for entertainment and interest, PSAs to endorse the campaign and give credibility, promo’s for a last call to immediate action and talk shows for more in-dept discussion.

Training on election reporting

To prepare the journalist working on the voter mobilization campaign of CCEDU in the running up to the 2011 general elections in Uganda a training on electoral reporting was organised. The training sensitized the talk shows hosts about the content and focus of the campaign as well as on their role as journalists in the bid for peaceful elections.

Training media skills / agenda setting

MFA conducted a Media and Presentations Skills training for civil society spokespersons in Uganda. Specifically, the training was for members of the Uganda Governance Monitoring Platform (UGMP), whose mission is to monitor and promote good governance.


Over 13 million Ugandans reached

Voter registration phase:

  • 220 voter mobilization messages in 11 languages on 30 radio stations,
  • 30 talk shows with CCEDU members in 11 languages on 30 radio stations

Voter display phase:

  • 220 messages in 11 languages on 34 radio stations
  • 34 talk shows with CCEDU members in 11 languages on 34 stations


  • 30 people trained in codes of conduct and campaign objectives
  • 15 spokespersons of CCEDU and UGMP trained in media and presentation skills
  • A total of 13 million people reached with the campaign according to Synovate