Unsung Peace Heroes


SMS campaign aiming to recognize the people who did courageous things during the post election violence following the 2007 general elections in Kenya. With our partner Butterfly works we developed an SMS campaign, which invited to nominate people or organizations that actively worked to promote peace during the difficult times that followed the Kenyan elections of 2007. People, who contributed to positive change in the post election period by organising peace marches, bringing together former friends or other things to strengthen social cohesion in their community. People were able to use SMS, phone and Internet to cast their vote and recognize the work of those who courageously worked for peace among their communities.The initiatives were located / published on a website using a Google-map application, see Unsung Peace Heroes website.

A jury consisting of

  • Sharad Rao (chair) - Legal advisor,
  • former Director of Public Prosecutions Mildred Awiti –
  • Former Kenyan Model and Corporate Trainer Yasvin Shretta –
  • Lawyer and former Kenyan Lawn Tennis Champion Dekha Ibrahim –
  • Respected Peace Maker Elizabeth Mwangi - HR consultant, experienced the post-election violence first hand
Project activities 

Unsung Heroes website

With our partners Butterfly work and Ushahidi we developed an online platform for the the Unsung peace heroes campaign using the mapping tool of Ushahidi. People could use the internet to nominate people. The results were shown using the mapping tool.


In the press

December 18, 2008: Article on OneWorld.nl (in Dutch)Kenya is rewarding her Peace Heroes.


Winners Unsung Peace Heroes Campaign

The program resulted in more than 500 nominations out of which the jury selected the final winners who received Kshs 10.000 in cash and had their individual stories published in the Standard newspaper by the end of February 2008.

It cannot be the case that we have to wait for a conflict to be able to acknowledge our heroes.
The Jury
Partners & Donors
Butterfly Works