SMS campaign


In collaboration with Butterfly Works, MFA implemented an SMS campaign that measured the political temperature in the running up to the 2007 Kenya general elections. MFA used SMS as an assessment tool to measure public opinion on various issues and themes in this election year, such as education, unemployment, leadership and corruption. The results and statistics of the SMS campaign were a trend watcher and offered a reflection on the diversity of views on issues considered important to and by Kenyans countrywide.


  • Measure the attitude of the Kenyan population on electoral issues;
  • Create awareness by sending the participants feedback messages;
  • Use the polling as input for our radio and television debates.

SMS questions were integrated in the radio and TV programmes that were developed as part of the Kenyan election assistance campaign 2007. The results of the SMS campaign polls were shown in full page adverts in the Daily Nation newspaper and on the website


SMS campaign polls shown in newspaper and on TV

  • 8 Newspaper adds with SMS questions and feedback on results
  • All our television programmes run the SMS question of the week
  • 30,200 people participated in the SMS campaign (38% via television/68% via newspaper)