Media Roundtables


MFA is organising media roundtables that bring together media practitioners, academics, civil society, students and the general public to discuss the role of the media in enhancing development. The media roundtables are conducted in partnership with the University of Nairobi’s School of Journalism, the Media Institute, and the Kenya Editors’ Guild. The roundtables aim to influence the media in developing and disseminating factual and relevant content around these issues.

Project activities 


Media Focus on Africa (MFA) has been organizing public forums on County Budgets in Nyandarua, Narok and Taita Taveta Counties.  Under the theme; ‘Openness, Accountability and Public Participation in County Budget Process’, the forums have brought together members of the county executive, county assembly, civil society organizations, media and the public to discuss the roles of these players in

Training on Budgets Reporting

MFA is training journalists in Nyandarua,Taita Taveta and Narok Counties to understand and report on budgets and resource management in their counties. MFA aims to inspire discussions around budgets in the counties, and to empower journalists to be better watch-dogs over money use in their regions.

Roundtable meetings - third series

The third series of the monthly media roundtables started in August 2012 and will run till May 2013. MFA will organize a one day media only roundtable in April, bringing together media practitioners (Editors and Journalists) and scholars to analyse media coverage in the past year and also jointly chart a way forward.

Roundtable meetings - second series

A second series of roundtables started in August 2011 and ended in April 2012. Topics for this second series of roundtables were: Media and Agenda Setting, Media and Political Violence, Media and Human rights reporting, Media and political party culture in Kenya, Media and the constitution implementation process and the role of media and civil society in democracy in Kenya.

Roundtable meetings - First series

MFA organized a first series of roundtables in 2010 that discussed Media Representation of Cuture and identity, the role of the media in Promoting Public Understanding of the ICC process, media and corruption, media and politics and Media experience in the coverage of the Ocampo Six.


Call for papers is when an organization asks original and scholarly articles for review and consideration for publication and also to be presented in an upcoming conference.



Without journalists, you probably wouldn’t know much about what happens beyond your neighbourhood.  You might miss out on important things happening in government such as decisions leaders make on your behalf.  Media Focus on Africa is committed to supporting journalists do their work... more



Mediatising Politics and Democracy: Making sense of the role of the media in Kenya

Read this informative report based on the 'Kenya Media Roundtables', monthly forums organised by Media Focus on Africa. Organized thematically, the roundtables explore various issues by giving space to Media stakeholders, opinion leaders and the general public in Kenya to articulate issues relating to the role of media and journalism in Kenya. The forums are held every last Tuesday of the month at the Alliance Francaise, Nairobi.



Agenda setting has a lot to do with ownership of media. "Ask yourself who owns the media in Kenya? It is the elite and whose agenda do you think they set? How possible is it for them to give issues of public interest prominence?" The Kenyan media is mostly event driven and rarely spends money and time to discuss ideas. After 2007, we no longer hold our leaders accountable based on the statements they made. Journalists need to interrogate those statements."
Dr. Harun Mwangi, executive director Media Council of Kenya
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