Leadership Campaign 2012


In preparation of the general elections MFA will conduct another Leadership campaign with issue-based debates around leadership, examples of good leadership and special attention for new leadership structures and devolved governments. New leaders, civil society leaders and representatives, traditional leaders, as well as ordinary citizens will be invited to participate in radio and television programmes to discuss issues that are critical to their counties and subsequently the type of leadership required to address these issues.

The goal of the campaign is:

  • To stimulate the public to identify critical leadership needs in their counties
  • To inform the audience about avenues available for them in the new constitution to participate in leadership and local governance
  • To convey knowledge about the provisions in the new constitution on the devolution of power and resources as well as new units of local governments
  • To inspire the audience to take action with examples of good leadership
Project activities 

Leadership clips

Watch the non-political leadership examples as shown in our television programme Michacato Majimboni.

Michakato Majimboni

Michakato Majimboni is the name of a new debate show on leadership that airs on KBC Television, every Thursday at 9:45 P.M. The show has a small audience of women, youth, business men, local leaders, boda boda drivers etcetera. The audience engages in issue-based debates on leadership and are asked to come to the formulation of a development agenda for their county.

Leadership debates on radio

Our leadership programme for 2012 will consist of over 80 radio programmes to air on national and local radio in 4 local languages and Swahili. The programmes will focus on ; leadership and ethnicity, women leadership, citizen participation, the role of devolved government under the new constitution amongst others.

Training leadership structures

In preparation of our 2012 leadership campaign training workshops were organised for civil society representatives and media practitioners. The workshops focused on new leadership structures and devolved governments and equipped them with relevant information to produce and lead constructive debates on leadership.

Communities discuss development agenda

In collaboration with our local network of CSO/CBO organsiations, community forums were organized in 15 counties. The forums brought together the local communities to engage with issues around leadership and the devolved units of government. The aim of the forums was to come to the formulation of a development agenda per location.

Research leadership structures

To inform the production of our leadership campaign 2012 MFA commissioned research into new leadership structures and devolved governments. Based on this research training manuals were developed. Additional a baseline study was conducted in 5 counties to measure the perceptions on leadership and the knowledge of the new constitution.


Launch of Michakato Majimboni

MFA launched a new television show ‘Michakato Majimboni, a joint MFA and KBC television production on leadership issues in select counties. Speaking during the show’s official Launch at One degree south Hotel in Nairobi, the chief guest, Dr.

Communities discuss development agenda

The results for the project so are the following:

  • 45 community forums in 15 counties reached 1487 people
  • 30 civil society representatives trained in new leadership structures
  • 15 media practitioners trained in campaign objectives and new leadership structures
  • 15 portraits of good leadership produced
  • Research conducted
  • Training materials developed
  • Baseline study implemented in 5 counties
  • 16 television programmes on leadership aired on KBC
  • 80 radio programmes aired

In all 15 counties people formulated a development agenda for their region, with issues that when addressed by the leaders will bring more socio-economic development to their region.

This is the first time that a discussion around leadership is really issue based. The participants of the forum took a long time but finally agreed on their development agenda for their county.
Participant community forum Kibera
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