Cross-generational Dialogues


Media Focus on Africa (MFA) together with Search for Common Ground (SFCG) have been implementing a youth outreach programme as part of ‘The Team’ television drama series in eight locations that were most affected by the post election violence in Kenya . The outreach programme composes of The Team screening combined with facilitated dialogues amongst local youth on issues raised in the TV drama.

We are pleased to report that we have received a grant from the European Union (EU) to organise a series of inter generational (youth-elderly) dialogue sessions in the communities and expand the outreach activities to eight new locations; Burnt Forest, Kitale, Mau Narok, Njoro, Sotik, Kwale, Busia and Migori. The social dynamics in most African cultures work in a way that the elders decide while the youth implement. But having empowered the youth in the past years, we found it necessary to include the elders in the dialogue sessions and in the process get them to support the youth as they take more direct decision making roles in the communities.

MFA and SFCG will also train 50 radio presenters on reporting conflict and governance issues. In preparation of the Project, MFA and SFCG held a workshop on the 28th of June 2012 with The Team youth group facilitators. The objective was to share some of the past experiences which could then be be fed into the forums as they expand to include the elders.

Project activities 

Training radio reporters

Reporters of 50 different radio stations were trained in conflict sensitive reporting. The reporters all participated in a 2-day training workshop facilitated by MFA/SFCG.

Inter-generational dialogue sessions

Community outreach in the form of dialogue sessions was conducted in 16 locations.


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