Civil society strengthening


In the current media environment strong communication skills are required to convince the media whether a topic has news value and is worth reporting on, skills that are often lacking. Civil society organizations, armed with the necessary media and communication skills, can potentially influence or even determine the media agenda by providing - the media – with ‘news worthy’ stories containing reliable and accurate information. MFAF aims to strengthen the capacity of Civil Society to communicate their messages effectively to the communities they serve and transmit citizens concerns and ideas to local governance institutions.

MFA is offivering the following training elements:

  • Training in communication skills
  • Training in lobbying and advocacy skills
  • Training in media skills
  • Media environment/agenda setting function of the media
  • Writing and organising Press releases
Project activities 

Media skills/agenda setting training - Uganda

The media skills training was targeting spokespersons and CEO's of member organisation of Ugandan Governance MonitoringPlatform who were likely to engage with the media. Two Channel-4 media trainers from the UK and one local trainer conducted the training.

Media skills/agenda setting training - Kenya

Around 40 CSO/CBO organsiations of our network participated in our media and communication skills training programme in 2009/2010.