Capacity building media practicioners


Journalists, broadcasters, editors, chat-show hosts, actors, scriptwriters for soap operas; all these individuals can play important roles in educating the public, raising issues, breaking taboos, exposing short comings of governments. They can contribute to quality media where knowledge of development issues, in-depth investigations and well-informed articles and debates, geared towards shared interests and common norms and values are common practice. However the highly competitive media environment pressurises journalists to popularize and sensationalise their stories, sacrificing the needed in-depth analysis of the social and political development. MFA aims to strengthen the capacity of the media by providing media practitioners with:

  • thematic trainings on development issues;
  • codes of conduct and ethics
  • mobile reporting
  • new and online media
  • conflict transformation
  • media and presentation skills
  • radio documentary making
Project activities 

Conflict transformation workshops

Mastering the art of facilitating dialogue in conflict situations can be a lifelong process, and four days—or, four weeks, or four months—would not be enough to train anyone to an expert level.

Training for quality

A training programme designed to build the skills of the participants to write better quality, balanced and well researched articles. The programme covers: Basic skills and news writing On-line and investigative journalism. The training modules are focused on practical exercises that build the skills of the participants.


John Allan Namu Speaks on Space for TV Journalism in Kenya

21st November is World Television day. To Celebrate the day, we spoke to Investigative TV journalist John Allan About Kenya’s Shrinking Media Freedoms.