Media Focus on Africa (MFA) held a one of a kind forum with 18 top media editors in Kenya at Ole-Sereni Hotel on the 29th of June 2013. Organized together with ARTICLE19 and the Networked News Lab (a project of the London School of Economics), the full day forum gave the editors a platform to candidly evaluate themselves and their work especially as regards to how they handled the newsrooms during the 2013 general elections, and how moving forward they will work to ensure that the new county governments are held accountable.

Media focus on Africa held its last public media roundtable focusing on the elections at Nairobi’s French Cultural Centre on April this year, just one month after the general elections.  During the forum whose main objective was to seek ways the media could use to hold the new national and county governments accountable, Dr. Ken Ramani a media practitioner and lecturer said that training on devolution for journalists was needed if the media is to play the watchdog role effectively. Andy Kagwa of the Standard Group agreed with him.

One month to the general elections, Media Focus on Africa (MFA) together with Search for Common Ground (SFCG) trained 55 radio presenters and producers on reporting conflict, governance and electoral issues. The training held in two batches, one in Nairobi and another in Nakuru targeted vernacular and community radio journalists across the country, a group that has often been ignored but which MFA believes has tremendous power to  impact the society. “People trust us,” said Andika Ali, a participant working with Koch FM which broadcasts from the heart of Korogocho slums in Nairobi.

For the past 4 years, Media Focus on Africa (MFA) has been facilitating inter-ethnic community dialogue sessions among the youths across the country, based on the drama series, The Team. This has been informed by the violence that rocked Kenya after the disputed 2007 elections that saw over a thousand people killed and hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes. The nature of politics in Kenya is that it is built on ethnic foundations, and this is always magnified when the general elections draw near.

Watch the coverage of the March 2013 Media roundtable by GBS TV. The forum sought to analyse the performance of the media in covering the March 4th general elections.

The station has put the following description under the story on Youtube;

The Topic of discussion for the last media roundtable was, Playing Watchdog Vs Keeping the Peace: Did self censorship by the media go too far during the coverage of the March 2013 election?”

In efforts to help Kenyans deal with all the rhetoric and sometimes careless talk by politicians during the campaign period in 2012 and early 2013, MFA, WPI and KBC produced and aired four episodes of Vioja Mahakamani with themes revolving around inflammatory speech and hate speech.

The media roundtable is here once again! Here are a few highlights of the event: This month’s focus is 'Media coverage of election campaigns'. Or, “is media coverage contributing to or counter-productive to peaceful elections in Kenya?"

The panel is made up of;

Media focus on Africa has been using Fist 2 Five and The Team TV and radio programmes to generate trust, goodwill and ideas that communities in Kenya need in order to pre-empt and minimise conflicts. The TV and radio programmes are followed by outreach activities that reinforce the impact of the media programmes in the communities.
The workshops received a lot of attention in the DRC, where it was the for the first time that journalists and parlementarians got together to discuss their respective roles.

The Media Roundtables are back! With the support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), we will be hosting a series of 12 monthly media roundtables at Alliance Francaise starting Tuesday, 28th August 2012.The first of the series will discuss *Media and Hate Speech.* It will interrogate the preparedness of the Kenyan media to deal with and/or handle hate speech as we head towards a high stakes watershed election in March 2013.

MFA organised a lessons learnt workshop for all faciliators of the Team outreach program. The workshop was held in preparation of the new series of inter generational dialogues to be organised in the following months. The facilitators shared their experiences of the last three years and discussed the up-coming series of debates that will involve the youth as well as the elders.

After a happy couple of years in our old offices located along Muringa Road, Media Focus on Africa has MOVED!

Our new address is:

Green Valley Estate,Block G, Unit 6;

Convent Drive, off James Gichuru Road;

Lavington, Nairobi.


Attached is a map and information on how to get to our new office.

An article by the Standard Newspaper, featuring Mr. Charles Otieno, the Ag. Director of Media Focus on Africa.

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MFA launched a new television show ‘Michakato Majimboni, a joint MFA and KBC television production on leadership issues in select counties. Speaking during the show’s official Launch at One degree south Hotel in Nairobi, the chief guest, Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia lauded the efforts of MFA, declaring Michakato Majimboni, timely. Also speaking at the Launch was Mr. Charles Otieno, Ag.


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