Uganda Media fraternity trained on safety for female journalists

Uganda Media fraternity trained on safety for female journalists


Media Focus on Africa (MFA) Uganda in partnership with Uganda Media Women Association (UMWA) held media round tables with media stakeholders in Uganda to discuss issues about safety for journalists’ online, offline and at their workplaces and find ways of addressing the existing challenges. 

The media roundtables intended to identify key issues about safety and come up with practical solutions that can be implemented immediately to minimize threats that female journalists are exposed to as they go about with their professional duties.

Local female journalists attest to various challenges that put them at risk online and offline including cyber bullying, hacking, sexual harassment and brutality by security organs. Attack on women journalists vary atrocious incidents, including rape, kidnaps, intimidation as well as cyber harassment, many of which are women encounter because of their gender. 

Results from a situation analysis on the safety for female journalists done by UMWA in partnership with Media Focus on Africa formed the basis for discussion at the media round tables as we sought to find a realistic solution to the safety challenges that are uniquely faced by women journalists.


The Media Round Tables called for more awareness about the issues and commitment to address them for example  in-house policy to ensure female journalists work in a favourable and secure environment.