Call for proposals: Production partner for TV production

Call for proposals: Production partner for TV production


Deadline to submit the proposal: 16 March 2018



The European Union Delegation to the Republic of Kenya has contracted Media Focus on Africa to implement the project Ms President: A peacebuilding Initiative for Kenya. The project will run for  the next two years.

i.                     Objectives of the project

Overall Objective:

To build sustainable capacity in Kenya for effective peacebuilding, conflict management and crisis preparedness.

Specific Objective

·         An audience of three million Kenyans will increase their awareness on the importance of female participation in conflict prevention, peacebuilding and human rights.

·         Women and men who will view and participate in the TV series and those who will participate in community-based screenings and facilitated dialogues will be empowered and encouraged to assume a leadership role in conflict resolution, peace-building and prevention of violent extremism (VE) and radicalisation.

·         Civil-society actors (CSO representatives, women and women grassroot organisations and media practitioners) will gain institutional and operational capacity to facilitate interethnic/inter-religious dialogues, to use TV and media production as a tool for dialogue and to include women in sustainable peacebuilding.

·         Civil-society actors and local/national authorities will increase their engagement, collaboration and dialogue in order to be better able to offset divisive narratives and discourse.


For more details about the project and the call, download the ToR document hereby attached. 


Deadline to submit the proposal: 16 March 2018


Please submit your proposal to Laurence Caron: