• MFA   was   selected   among   over   1,300   grassroots   organizations   that   applied   for   the prestigious Intercultural Innovation Award a partnership between the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group.
  • The  Intercultural  Innovation  Award  Ceremony  was  held  in  New  York  at  United  Nations  headquarters,  in the presence of ambassadors and high-level UN officials.

New York 29 November 2017 –Media Focus on Africa (MFA) and their initiative “Yat Madit: The Crossroads Project” is one of the ten global grassroots organizations receiving the 2017 Intercultural Innovation Award bestowed by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group.

The Intercultural Innovation Award Ceremony, held this year for the first time at UN headquarters in New York, was chaired by Mr.Nassir Abdulaziz Al Nasser, High Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, and Mr. Bill McAndrews, Vice President BMW Group Communications Strategy, Corporate and Market Communications.

“The  ‘Crossroads  Project’  uniquely  uses  media  as  an  alternative  approach  to  promote  peace,  and  was  very successful when implemented in Northern and North Eastern Uganda,” said Jan Ajwang, Programme Manager. “We would like to replicate the ‘Crossroads Project’ in other parts of Uganda that have a history of underlying conflicts and tensions and hope that we can pursue this goal with support from the Intercultural Innovation Award,”

Following  consultation  with  the  community, MFA  designed  and  produced  a  13 episode  television  and  radio  drama series ‘Yat Madit’ based on real life experiences.The series was aired nationally and explored topics such as the plight of post war communities and influenced public perceptions towards cultural diversity. Dialogue sessions after screenings  of  ‘Yat  Madit’ were  also  held  to  create  ground  for  collaborative  problem  solving  using  non-violent methods. The Intercultural   Innovation   Award supports   grassroots   initiatives   that   promote   intercultural   dialogue   and understanding, thereby contributing to peace, cultural diversity and more inclusive societies.

In  addition  to  a  financial  grant, MFA will  receive  support  from  UNAOC  and the BMW  Group  to  help  their project expand and replicate in other contexts. This model of collaboration between the United Nations and the private sector creates deeper impact, as both partners provide their respective expertise to ensure the sustainable growth of each project. Assistance is customized based on the specific needs of award recipients


A drama series for social change: Building peace and reconciliation in Northern Uganda through film and dialogue