A Case for Breastfeeding and development

A Case for Breastfeeding and development


Our team member Frenny Jowi, is Africa’s representative at The Global Breastfeeding Partners' Forum that is currently going on in Malaysia. The forum is organized by The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA). Follow the link for more on the Forum.

Below, Frenny shares her thoughts on the subject breastfeeding.


Do you want your children to earn more on their job as grown-ups? Here’s quick fact to help you - Breastfeed them.

But that’s not the only exciting thing about breastfeeding. New research published in the UK’s medical journal, The Lancet, confirms that breastfeeding could save 823,000 children from infant deaths and save the global economy $302 billion.

This week, Media Focus on Africa is partnering with global partners such as World Alliance for Breastfeeding   Action, The International Lactation Consultant Association among other global partners in advocating for family- friendly policies.

Breastfeeding has stood out as a key agenda for this international convention.  ‘’Breastfeeding can help us get to the SDGs’’ Katja Iversen, CEO Women Deliver, commented on her speech at the ongoing WABA Global Breastfeeding Partners Forum 2016 in Malaysia.

This is a common goal to Media Focus on Africa, because one of our driving forces is to implement programs that will see the achievement of SDGs 5 and 3.

These two Global Goals focus on improving health and wellbeing for all as well as gender equality respectively.

In the last few months, Media Focus on Africa has been working with a network of women leaders who are the new champions of change. Already some women in our network have begun to legislate on family-friendly work place policies such as the right to breastfeed. Sabina Chege, a Kenyan woman Member of Parliament is drafting a bill that will make mandatory the creation of nursing mothers’ rooms in all public spaces.

Women, whether working from the market, parliament, conference rooms or offices should have the right to breastfeed.

Now is the right time to help women take control of their babies’ nutrition.