Media Focus on Africa (MFA) Uganda in partnership with Uganda Media Women Association (UMWA) held media round tables with media stakeholders in Uganda to discuss issues about safety for journalists’ online, offline and at their workplaces and find ways of addressing the existing challenges. 

The media roundtables intended to identify key issues about safety and come up with practical solutions that can be implemented immediately to minimize threats that female journalists are exposed to as they go about with their professional duties.

Nairobi: Ms President Reality TV show continues to draw in more support and partners with recent addition being the Canadian High Commission in Kenya and Hivos East Africa. This is in addition the main partner the European Union (EU).

The trailblazing Reality show which seeks to promote women leadership in the Kenya by having women vie for a presidential seat so as to be crowned the ‘first female President’ of the East African nation has received much needed funding from the people of Canada and Hivos.

Providing media training skills to 20 youths from Imvepi refugee settlement in West Nile region of Uganda.

ARUA: Impact Unified, in partnership with Media Focus on Africa (MFA) Uganda has initiated a media training for youth in and around Imvepi refugee settlements, in the West Nile region of Uganda. Twenty youth from the refugee and local host communities will be trained from 8 th - 15th December. The training will be facilitated by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.


The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) 2018 African Climate Change and Environmental Reporting (ACCER) Awards open!

Journalists across Africa with work focusing on the impact of climate change and environmental pollution on people, communities and economies are invited to apply and win prestigious prizes, in addition to joining a distinguished alumni with the most outstanding reporters in the continent, which in other words is Pan African Media Alliance for Climate Change (PAMACC).


The 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) is looking for young journalists from all over the world who are passionate about anti-corruption and have a desire to speak out on social issues related to transparency and integrity.

Journalists under the age of 35 passionate about fighting corruption and keen to learn more about Transparency International (TI), the IACC Series and the issues encouraged to apply for the opportunity to be facilitated to cover anti-corruption stories.

Media Focus on Africa has opened the application process for a leadership TV reality show “‘Ms. President’” a series which will inspire women and girls to become key players in leadership in all spheres of life. The TV show will also aim to change the attitude of Kenyans towards women and leadership.

The Observer newspaper in Uganda has today featured our Award-winning drama series Yat Madit in its print edition.  Yat Madit uses edutainment to promote dialogues for peace building and conflict resolution in North and North Eastern Uganda. It is funded by The European Union with Europe Year for Cultural Heritage 2018 and Doen Foundation. 

Read the article here

Women currently represent only 4 per cent of the more than 80,000 UN Peacekeepers, despite their key role in preventing sexual violence during and after conflict, and their unique abilities to engage with the communities they serve, especially women and girls, says the UN

The continental organization is encouraging more women to participate in peacebuilding initiatives.

Media Focus on Africa and Daystar University’s Department of Media and Film Studies jointly issue a call for papers focused on business, content and democratic concerns related to contemporary journalism in the region.

In Kenya, as in most of Africa, women are usually not found in leadership positions. They are generally perceived not to have the skills, knowledge or social status needed to bring about meaningful change in post-conflict environments according to a report by the World Economic Forum.

-8 new locations, 40 community dialogues, 16 CSO representatives, 52 radio shows, over 640 ambassadors of change-

Kampala, Uganda 17th May 2018: Yat Madit, the award winning multi-media drama series is back! With support from the European Union, Media Focus on Africa Uganda recently started implementing the second phase of the project CrossRoad: A Soap Opera for Social Change. 

Media Focus on Africa has organized a media roundtable to discuss the role of journalism in Kenya’s democratic space.

There is need to bring media stakeholders together to think, discuss and look ahead to ensure citizens’ access to accurate information and protect professional & fact-driven journalism, both critical for Kenya’s fledgling democracy.  

Deadline to submit the proposal: 16 March 2018



The European Union Delegation to the Republic of Kenya has contracted Media Focus on Africa to implement the project Ms President: A peacebuilding Initiative for Kenya. The project will run for  the next two years.

i.                     Objectives of the project

Overall Objective:

Media Focus on Africa (MFA) will this month unveil a new series of media roundtable discussions featuring media owners, media practitioners, schools of journalism, government institutions and independent media organizations to discuss the future of journalism in Kenya. The roundtables will culminate in the first ever media week held in Kenya.

The topics to be discussed will include economic sustainability of media in Kenya; fake news and interest-driven journalism; and the future of journalism and democracy in Kenya.

Deadline to submit the proposal: 7 March 2018



The European Union Delegation to the Republic of Kenya has contracted Media Focus on Africa to implement the project Ms President: A peacebuilding Initiative for Kenya. The project will run for  the next two years.

  1. Objectives of the project

Overall Objective:

To build sustainable capacity in Kenya for effective peacebuilding, conflict management and crisis preparedness.


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