Top Three Women that are Inspiring Kenyan Women to Pursue Leadership Positions


Out of the hundreds of women that sent in applications to participate in the upcoming reality show Ms President an overwhelming number has sighted three women as their role models in their pursuit for leadership.

Ms. Margaret Kenyatta was quoted by at least 101, as an inspiration for the women hoping to become Kenya’s ‘first female President’ through the Ms President Reality show. Most of the women praised her for her determination to raise funds for maternal health in Kenya.

Margaret Kenyatta, 54, is the current first lady of Kenya and the wife to Kenya’s 4th President Uhuru Kenyatta. She is known especially for her Beyond Zero campaign which seeks to reduce child maternal mortality rates.

Prof.Wangari Maathai, followed in second with 94 women commending her fight for the environment in Kenya. A high number of the women spoke of the late Wangari Maathai as the cornerstone for most of their activist work and their ambition to bring change to Kenya.

Prof Wangari Maathai is first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution in sustainable development, democracy and peace. She has several awards for fighting for the environment and natural resources in Kenya. Maathai is the first woman to ever vie for the Presidential seat. She passed on at the age of 71 in 2011.

Martha Karua was the third woman to be cited by a high number of women, 94 applicants, as a motivator. Most women admired her character, charisma and her role as a leading powerful female politician in Kenya.

Martha Karua, is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a Kenyan politician. Martha Karua ran for presidency in 2013. Karua has been acknowledged by Human Rights Watch as a human rights monitor and awarded by the Federation of Kenya Women Lawyers (FIDA) for advancing the cause of women.

Ms President received 998 applications from women across Kenya to participate in the first of its kind reality show, which seeks to provide an opportunity that will equip women to take up more leadership position, through mentoring, training and providing a platform to reach millions of Kenyans.

The reality show purposes to enable women to embrace leadership and change the attitude of Kenyans towards women in leadership positions, especially in political capacity.

N/B: Pictures courtesy online sources.

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