About Media Focus on Africa

About media Focus

Our Mission:

“To stimulate social change and development in Africa through the media”.

Media Focus on Africa Foundation (MFA) was founded on the premise that increased flows of quality information, reaching out to people living in Africa and build societies that are better informed on priority issues of democratization and human development. We work in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, DRC and RC. 

Core Policy

MFA promotes the concept of communication for development (C4D), as a means to empower people through carefully targeted and contextualized messages on key themes leading to social change. MFA provides space for people to voice their aspirations on issues of leadership and governance, free and fair elections, peace building and nationhood, while mainstreaming gender and socio-economic justice.

With our activities we aim to:

  • Identify and accelerate communication that enables people hold governments accountable.
  • Enable collective analysis and action by the people most affected by a development or governance issue. Convey basic information and use simple, culturally appropriate language to get that information out.
  • Use mass media and new media strategically to convey information and connect people.