Training for quality


A training programme designed to build the skills of the participants to write better quality, balanced and well researched articles. The programme covers: Basic skills and news writing On-line and investigative journalism. The training modules are focused on practical exercises that build the skills of the participants. Both face-to-face and on-line methodologies will be used to deliver the training. The participants will be required to keep a on-line portfolio as a way of archiving their work, charting or mapping their progress. This will help determine the effectiveness of the training. The emphasis is on developing practitioners who constantly reflect upon their own professional practice, who understand journalism as facilitating the knowledge available in society, and who seek to improve the quality of their work, and the organization for which they work. The shortcourses are accompanied by a mentorprogram.

The mentor programme consist of:

  • Study/review days with mentors;
  • Provision of module materials through the on-line platform;
  • Personal mentor coaching, face-to-face and through the on-line platform;
  • Peer support from other members on the module and via on-line platform;
  • 2-week intern ship for up-country correspondents.
MFA provides issue based and practical sills trainings for media practitioners. In most cased the trainings are 'on the job' and part of our media programmes.
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